Quality assurance

The following measures are in place to facilitate monitoring the progress of the FOR 5327 and assure a high level of quality:

  • Exchange of knowledge and technologies: In addition to the weekly project meetings, meetings of the RU as a whole will be organized every 3 months. Every second year, such a general meeting will be organized as a retreat.
  • The RU is committed to adhering to the DFG recommendations for Good Scientific Practice. Regarding the research data and knowledge management, the DFG guidelines nr. 17 (archiving), nr. 12 (documentation), and nr. 13 (access to research results) are strictly followed.
  • Data quality: The incoming data is continuously monitored by automatic routines and shifters for consistency. Detailed physics analyses are carried out with collaboration-wide computer codes for reconstruction, detector calibration, efficiency determination, and background estimation. The computer codes undergo an internal review to guarantee data quality and transparency. The generation of lattice gauge field ensembles proceeds via a Markov process whose algorithmic stability is monitored throughout the Markov chain. Codes for the calculation of observables have been written and checked as part of the activities of the entire lattice QCD group at the Institute for Nuclear Physics.