Gender-equality measures

At the Johannes Gutenberg-University, gender equality and the advancement of women in science and academia represent central elements of its Mission Statement, Strategic Concept and Charter. JGU has been honored on several occasions with the Total-E-Quality-Prädikat because its staff policy is oriented toward gender equality. In the past couple of years, specific measures have been taken by the JGU’s administration toward gender equality. Special attention is given to young women in academia during the post-doctoral phase at which point, according to statistical studies, many of the candidates who show great promise for academic excellence, terminate their academic career. At JGU, special funds for the advancement of women in academia are available for coaching or mentoring, as well as adequate temporary replacements during parental leave. The RU will both benefit from and lend unrestricted support to these measures.

Ada Lovelace-Project

One such measure which has been very successful over the past years, is the Ada Lovelace-Project at JGU, which has extended its mentoring program in natural sciences since 2009 to serve women alumni, doctoral students, and post-doctoral researchers in their careers. The Ada Lovelace Project is very specifically geared towards excellent young female academics (PhD students and postdocs) in the fields of physics, mathematics, and computer sciences and establishes contacts between young female academics with selected partners in leadership positions in different organizations, who act as mentors. The main aim of the year-long program, which consists of dedicated workshops, excursions, and networking, is to allow the mentees to acquire a first hand impression and experience of different career opportunities, and to establish professional contacts. During the past five years, five of the female PhD students and three of the female postdocs at the Institute of Nuclear Physics have participated in this program. Within the RU we plan to continue this successful track record and will be able to offer these mentoring programs to our female PhD students and postdocs.

Pro Academia Program

The Ada Lovelace Project is extending its mentoring program in 2022 through the new program Pro Academia, which is specifically tailored for female senior postdocs and junior PIs. The goals of this 20-month program, in which the female advanced junior scientists will be mentored one-on-one by experienced academics, include to further strengthen their scientific profile, enlarge their scientific network, and further develop their leadership skills. This program will be open for the female advanced junior scientists in the RU at a crucial stage in their scientific careers.

Irène Joliot-Curie Program

Furthermore, the female junior scientists within the RU will also have access to the Irène Joliot Curie program of PRISMA+ at JGU, which also offers individual coaching for PhD and postdoctoral female physicists. A total of five coaching spots, each consisting of three sessions with an experienced coach, are awarded each year.